Holy beef jerky

Today I woke up, and packed for a weekend at the lake with the family. You know family trips are always interesting, but this morning my family was especially prepared with no one packed to go so it was a little hectic. It’s a short road trip, but I was excited to travel to a new place, and be at the lake. I love road trips. This might sound weird, but after packing a bag to go, it’s actually so relaxing to drive on the open road. This is what I could see driving…

So while we headed out to to the lake we made our first traditional pit stop at the Cooper Farms Peach Stand in Fairfield, Texas (had to get a box of peaches of course). We have always stopped there since I was little, and had peaches before heading out. It was so juicy, and amazing!

After we all had peaches (got cleaned up); back on the road we went. This part of the trip was the cause for a major jam out music session. Thank goodness I do not have pictures of that, because you can only imagine right? However, after a little bit of driving we were tired, and our next traditional pit stop is Woody’s Smokehouse, also known as the Jerky Capital of the World…the world’s best beef jerky! on exit 164 in Centerville, Texas. After stopping and getting back in the car, I soon realized what we had gotten ourselves into..that’s when my mom said “holy beef jerky!!!!!” and I couldn’t stop laughing. That is how I came upon this picture, and what is a blog post without lots of pictures of your experiences. The best part is the day isn’t even over yet….

What do you do when your 30 minutes from your destination going through a beautiful town, not driving, don’t have time to stop the car, but want to take a picture you ask??? Well of course roll the window down to get the shot when the AC is cranked, but I had no idea it would cause such a tropical storm in the front seat with the freezing car AC v.s. the humid hot Texas air…..next stop Lake Livingston! It’s about to get wild! (okay.. Maybe not wild)

Hello lake, football, pontoon boat, fishing poles, and glow in the dark worms? (yea they were only one of the many items of bait that were quickly into the water just waiting to be fish dinner) Chara quickly had the bait fish out pretending it was her temporary pet with scales, then threw him out into the water. I love my funny family. And the day end without a beautiful sunset over the lake right? Nope of course not, I still ran to the grocery store with my aunt to get some much needed things for the next few days, and why wouldn’t we get the campfire marshmallows for s’mores. Because they are HUGE, and make the best experience for smores EVER.


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