5k runner

This post begins with me looking for a new app on my phone to keep track of my work outs better. I have to use myfitnesspal for my class I am currently taking, but I wanted another to track other cardio workouts better while I am working out. Particularly, my length of workouts (walking, running, and what not so I could work on my fitness and things with the app). So, I went to the app store on my phone and looked up running and found a whole list of free and paid apps. First ones to catch my eye after pulling a couple up were 5k runner, and 10k runner. Some others I found were Nike+ Runner, RunKeeper (iPhone and Android), and MapMyRun GPS.

So I just bought a new app for my iPhone, and I don’t purchase too many apps, just because a lot are free. However, I have heard about this app for the iPhone called 5k runner that trains you for a 5k in 8 weeks. Since I like to find new things to do that are overly ambitious to keep myself busy; I thought I could run a 5k or at least run the distance of a 5k leisurly pretty soon with my new app. So I purchased this app to try it out, and to run with it when I work out so I am getting a better workout and what not. Anyways, I got all excited about my newest app addition, and went to try it out tonight after it had cooled off to only 100 degrees (no big deal…it was still really hot). Turns out this app is pretty awesome. I had music set up and playing, opened the app, and it turned down my music to tell me when to begin the warmup, running intervals, walking intervals, and cool down. I even took screen shots while I was working out to blog about it. My question is does anyone know any other good apps for the iPhone that you use often that are free or you have to pay for?


I was pretty impressed with it, and then at the end I could complete the work out number 1 of week 1. Here are some more screen shots of my first time using the app during my work out.



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