I can pretend

So I have been running more, and yes I know that I am not the most graceful or best runner. I am working on running because the yoga, zumba, cardio stuff gets boring sometimes, and running is good for relieving stress. I just have to imagine how I look when I run though. I mean I hear people talk about how people look when they run, and see people running, and can only imagine I look like some hilarious person about to fall over from trying to run to far.

BUT I am so determined when I run that I feel like I have some serious power like a track runner or a race horse. (yea right…) I usually have to think of something pretty amazing to keep me going. Or have some good music while I run just to give me something to listen to.

I done know where this post is coming from, but I had a great run last night, and it made my day so much better. This is not mentioning the fact that:
1. I had my huge dog with me, which made the whole experience a lot less graceful.
2. The beginning pep talk of “your going to have an awesome run, your not even tired, don’t stop now you made it all the way to the running trail so keep going!!”
3. Then middle pep talk of “look you are not thirsty and your side cannot already be hurting on the second mile” then I realized my dog was not even tired yet… Great… Have to keep going, my dog cannot outrun me…
4. The most embarrassing thing about running sometimes is when I accidentally talk or grunt out loud and say something like “keeeeep goiiinnnggg” or something close to that.

That was pretty much how I knew I was getting tired, and Duke kept walking through puddles of water. We were such a great tired running team at the end of the day. You could only picture a small horse of a dog almost the same size as the girl he is running with. So here I am just working on being a better runner.

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