this is real

Day 10
We left so early to head to Maasai Mara for our final two days. It was sad to leave Kenya, but also exciting to know we were heading on a safari adventure. We had no idea what we were in for on our 6 hour drive to Maasai Mara. Most of us slept in the van on the way, because in reality we were behind on sleep which we still had not got from the time change, and we had time to not move for 6 hours. We had worked so hard over the past 9 days that we were exhausted, but I didn’t want to miss seeing anything we passed! Of course I fell asleep for about an hour somewhere on the ride there.

First stop was The Great Rift Valley, and of course we had to stop and get a look at it. It was so beautiful. I can’t even explain how huge it was. We drove past it for a while. Please excuse my just woke up, and walked out of the van to take a picture look in this.

I also met some interesting Maasai people, and went into their shop next to the road. They were so polite, and had all sorts of things that they make to sell to travelers on the road.

We were still on smooth road driving there; Edward our Kenyan driver had told us about the Maasai Mara dirt roads, but we still had not hit them yet. Our drive was still smooth and peaceful for while.

Then, all there was, was bumpy Maasai Mara road…You just don’t know it until the pavement literally just stops. Like a straight line of pavement to dirt road! Here we go!

When we arrived at our hotel in Maasai Mara I did not know what to expect, but it was the best adventure to end the best experience of my life. Melanie told us we were going on a safari that night after lunch. I was so excited, and probably couldn’t put enough exclamation points on here to show you my excitement for going on a real African safari. When we were driving through and looking at the animals all I could think was “is this real?, i can’t believe this is real.” It was so beautiful that it almost didn’t look real, but Melanie kept saying “this is real girls.”

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