driving, jumping, and dancing

Day 11
Our last day in Maasai Mara was wonderful. We had the opportunity to go on two last safaris before leaving. We saw 3 of the Big 5 animals: lions, elephants, and water buffalo. We also saw antelope, lot’s of birds, gazelle, and what Edward called deet deets. It was so wonderful seeing all those animals, and the elephant was my favorite, so if you see a lot of elephant photos that is why.

We also met with people from Maasai village, and they were so polite to us. I met with the men, women, and danced with the women! It was an incredible experience. The men showed us their jumping and dancing. This is used for the women to pick their husbands. They want men who can jump high, and have many livestock. The men showed us their homes that were made of wood, dung, and mud. What interested me so much was the culture difference between men and women. The women actually built the homes, hunted, and worked throughout the day. The men showed us how to build a fire, the livestock, and that the homes are only good for a couple years because they dry out. After we left the Maasai Village we went back to the hotel, and had lunch.

It was sad to know we were leaving our journey through Nairobi and the Maasai Mara soon, but I have met so many wonderful people, and we knew we had the great 6 hour drive back the next morning all the way back to the airport. Bring on the 2 days of traveling right? I didn’t know it was going to be so hard to leave Kenya, but we did so much in two weeks, and we still had one more safari, and dinner time.

Sorry about this picture quality below.


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