Chef Point for Dad’s Day

Yesterday I went with my brother and dad to Chef Point here in Watuaga, Texas for Father’s Day. My dad has been raving about this restaurant, because he has heard about it from friends, and wanted to take us to try it for Father’s Day. I had never been there before, but saw it on Diner’s Drive Ins & Dives on TV, and have heard about it from friends. The story of this restaurant is so amazing, and yes they do sell gas out front, but are a five star restaurant.

Now if anyone has ever heard of this place on TV or read about it, it was absolutely delicious just like everyone says! I had an organic beef hamburger with sweet potato fries. The burger had tomato, lettuce, a nice portion of meat, seasons, and a few other toppings. It was so delicious, and the meat used for the burger was so great. The fries were sweet, chopped, and spiced just perfect. My brother had duck, and my dad had the prime rib. We all had a good time eating at a new place we had never gone before, and eating great food. I liked the relaxed atmosphere because it was a lot of families, but was also really clean. We even got food to go to bring to my mom because she couldn’t be there. We will all definitely have to go back together sometime soon, and before I have to move back to college in the Fall. Here is a picture of the burger I ordered.


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