History and Culture

Day 8
Today we went to the Green Belt Movement.

I learned about an amazing woman named Wangari. She was the first woman in Kenya to get a Ph, and the first woman to have a position in a department at the University of Nairobi. She is the woman who kept the public park in Nairobi intact and a public place. After a long fight for speaking to people about democracy, she was elected to parliament with 98% of the votes. We visited GBM to learn about her legacy, and the important tree planting she taught women and people in Kenya. The GBM has planted over 35 million trees.

After learning from the women and men at GBM, we went on a tour of the building, land, and farming that is done for organic food, and the trees there at GBM. The farming was interesting because they have to keep out the small monkeys from eating in there gardens.
 After our tour, visiting the gardens, and buildings our team was able to plant our own tree, and see the tree the Women’s Leadership Team planted last year.

The tree planting process was longer than I thought. They had dirt we had to put in the hole with it, but also a hay material to put on top before we watered it. It looked like it kept water and moisture in the tree. I was so excited I was able to be a part in planting a tree in Kenya. That has to sound nerdy, but it was actually so much fun!

When we left GBM we headed to bomas to visit the different types of villages and tribes. We had a picnic at Bomas before we watched any performances. We sat under at tree on this patch of grass. It was so funny because there was these huge wild pigs on the field next to us, and Meagan was freaking out. We made sandwiches, had Kenyan potato chips, fresh apples, and bananas. It was relaxing to have a picnic before we walked around a whole lot.

It was fun watching each tribes dances, and learning more about the Kikuyu Village. Our driver’s heritage was Kikuyu, and I was so excited to see what his villages looked like from ages ago. When we finished watching the dances, and learning about each tribe we had to head back to the hotel because it was already getting late, and close to dinner at the hotel.

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