African Fellowship

Day 6
Today we took a break, and experienced African church. It was a time for us to spend time in church while in Kenya, but not just any time an authentic African church singing, dancing, clapping, worshipping time. Edward Wambugu (our wonderful driver) sang in church today, and it made my morning. He did a great job singing. African church was nothing like I have experienced though, but I loved the culture.

After the service we did a lesson on business, and I presented my topic on leadership styles to the entire church. I loved speaking to the church about women leadership. The church was so excited about our Women’s Leadership Team speaking about women that they made it a women’s day in church! It was so sweet!

Our Baylor business professor presented again here at the church for the benefit of the entire church. When I got my group for the business presentation I realized the men were paying more attention than the women to some parts. However, no one in my group was taking notes or writing anything down. I had my journal with me, and starting writing all the powerpoint notes on specific pages out of my journal. Each page in my journal has a memory verse on it. I picked out a page to take notes on that called out to me for someone. I don’t know what told me to start writing so fast, but hopefully those notes will make a difference even though they were in English. Three men received notes, because that was all I had time to write, but I think the memory verse and the notes together could make the biggest difference for them. I was writing business advice for them from a simple activity, but it was amazing to see the appreciation in their eyes.

The church had created a nice lunch for us with traditional African food, and it was amazing. I was so excited because I had eaten traditional food in Belize also (last year when I taught preschool/kindergarten), and this food was made by the women and men there. I thought it was some of the best traditional African food I had while I was there.

On our way back to the hotel we went by the Maasai market at the Yaya, and used some bargaining to get some special souvenirs we wanted. After we went back to the Grace House, and had our daily tea time. It made the long day so relaxing. We compared Maasai market finds with some of the other teams, had dinner, and went to worship time with all the Baylor teams. It was nice to stop, give thanks, pray for all of the wonderful people I had met thus far, and give thanks to the church for letting us come and speak to the women and welcoming us with such open arms.

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