Day 3
We went to the glue boys and teenagers this morning at 5am. I have never done or seen anything remotely close to that. We pulled up and our guard was in a separate police car. I can not forgot one of the young men that was woken up for the ministry, and took off his plastic blanket, and folded it next to his box so he could listen to Bonafus. I just had no words for watching him put up his street bed.

Bonafus is the man that started this ministry with the street boys over 12 years ago. They sniff glue every day to get high and pass the days away. Bonafus creates a trusting environment to allow the boys to give their glue to him, and he preaches to them three times a week. He sometimes feeds them a piece of bread when he ministers to them during the week, but will also give them milk instead because he wants them to come to him on the streets for ministry.

When and if these boys decide to give up the glue, Bonafus has a home and farm for them to come and live with him on. He teaches them, and then will give them a job. I sat right on the street in front of the line of boys downtown next to Bonafus to hear him preach to these young men. It was so inspiring to watch these young men listen so intently through their eyes even though it was in Swahili. Every few minutes he would explain what verses he was talking about. I spoke to a young man that wouldn’t wake up to speak to me, but woke up enough to tell me what he wanted me to say to pray for him. After that I explained his farm and house to him even thought he was asleep. I wanted him to know I cared for his future, and knew that he had great opportunities if he chooses to utilize them.

After that tough emotional morning on the downtown streets with the glue boys, we went back to the hotel with the team and Bonafus ate breakfast with us. He told us more about his ministry, the farm, teaching the boys, and the glue girls with babies. We all decided to add that into our schedule next week because this has made such an impact on us all. We wanted to work with the women. Melanie decided the women would have to be on the teams schedule and partnered with every year from now on. Then we had a chance to see the baby elephants at the David Seldnick Elephant Trust Sanctuary. It was so much fun to see the babies getting bottle fed. I had a baby elephant wrap it’s trunk around my arm! It was precious. The elephant Naipoki was there, and that we the elephant that the team adopted.

Lastly, on the way to Amani Ya Juu we stopped and took a picture in front of the city council of the Nairobi public view point. It was such a beautiful view looking over the public park. Then we were off to Amani to speak to the wonderful women and eat lunch! Its delicious lunch. We got a quick tour of the women’s building, and rooms that they sew in before we went upstairs and presented on our leadership topics we have prepared.

My presentation was on leadership styles. It was to explain delegation leadership, authority leadership, and participation leadership, but relate it to the women’s job in using the fabrics, and making clothes, bags, oven mitts, and many other types of things. It is an amazing women’s program because these women travel from far and from broken homes to reach a peaceful place with good opportunity that will give them a profit and training t supply for their children. Some of these women are single mothers, and married, but are supporting their families by sewing and making these beautiful items. Their website is This place is be area that has touched my heart and the women there have shown me how far you can go and believing you can do anything through Him if you work hard enough. After the long day we came back to the hotel and ate dinner.

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