Day 2
This morning Bekah and Melanie woke up at 5 AM, and they sleep in different rooms from each other. Melanie woke up to Bekah standing at her room door, and asking about the shoes, because they were still in the individual bags but were to be delivered today. Melanie and Bekah quickly got to work on putting them into bags categorized into sizes, but realized that we were given the wrong sizes, and that is when everyone else woke up to think of a new plan for visiting St. Kizito today. Melanie quickly sent emails to Randy, Dickson, and Wanjohi about the shoes before we left for breakfast, and to head to St. Kizitos.

We decided to serve lunch as planned, but bring games and things to play with the kids. We brought bubbles, music to sing waka waka, crayons that were donated, and t-shirts donated by Baylor Athletics. All of the 6 girls on the team improvised, made the morning and afternoon fantastic with games, and spending time with the school was amazing because all of us were leaders and were able to lead the day without Melanie. It was such amazing women’s leadership in Kenya with total improvising of supplies. Melanie was in a meeting with the woman that is trying to sell the land St. Kizito is on, but we were able to schedule a meeting with her, Randy, and Wanjohi. The meeting took up the morning and afternoon, but they were able to come up with a solution and mediation to have an agreement on not raising the rent and keep the current piece of land for St. Kizito 5 more years. This meant that the rent is not going to get raised, and the orphange will not get kicked off of its land this summer; it was the most incredible news.

Even though we had the wrong sizes of shoes, and knew we were not going to be able to deliver them to St. Kizito, Buckner ended up providing us with $400 to purchase new shoes. We are now going to have to find new shoes somehow, but knowing we have some money to provide them means so much more. The bigger shoes we currently have will be taken to City Harvest and given to women that are in need of shoes, because they are much larger sizes than we needed. However, we are going to be able to provide twice as much than we originally thought, and that means so much more. He multiplied our supplies in a different way. This is so good.

While Melanie was in her meeting, we all spent time at St. Kizito improvising with bubbles, music, teaching in the classrooms, bringing crayons from a donation, and spending time making lunch for all the children. Teaching in the classrooms was amazing, because I haven’t taught since I traveled to teach in Belize last year. I was asked to teach English, and I felt like I was jumping with excitement inside beside they wanted to learn so much. My class said their favorite subjects were math, english, science, and swahili. They just wanted me to teach them anything, and I did an interactive class activity with making sentences from pictures in groups. It was so fun because every group had to wait their turn to make a sentence from a picture in the book correctly in english, and everyone had to have a turn by the end. We did that activity about four times they loved it so much! After that our team made sandwiches and served lunch with cookies.

I taught a teacher Rose how to make a peanut butter, banana, and nutella sandwich. She thought it was so strange until she tried it, and she loved it! She was so sweet, and became one of my great friends and teachers there.

Returning there gave me a chance to become closer to the kids, teachers, and it meant more to just spend time there again. I was sad that we could not bring shoes after spending so much time with this shoe project, but He will provide for the children somehow because this has happened for a reason.

After we left St. Kizito for the day we visited the giraffe center. It was a great way to end a long day working hard at St. Kizito. We had fun feeding the Giraffes, and learning about how the Giraffe center works. I fed the the three large full grown giraffes, and the small baby one. It was a good way to end a stressful day of thinking on our toes! I am so excited to see how we will help the children of St. Kizito in the near future as the Women’s Leadership Team.

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