My first day in Kenya with women leadership made me speechless, but I was also felt like I was still in shock like I couldn’t believe I was really here in Kenya! The people here have been so kindness to us, and show such passion in everything they do. It is inspiring to meet such wonderful people, but so far, and in another continent.

We began our day by eating breakfast early downstairs before we headed out for the day. 20120515-203129.jpg

After breakfast we headed to the van and were on our way into the city to an important meeting with Buckner International.

This meeting was to speak about St.Kizito, the possibility of purchasing them new land, and the new orphanage. St. Kizito is an orphanage on a very small piece of land, with 120 children, a metal building for children included on the land, and no lights inside, which means it is dark to learn. There has been conversation about purchasing a new piece of land for St. Kizito that is larger for a bigger building for the orphanage. Our Women’s Leadership Team will have to work hard to raise the money to purchase the money for the land, but we were going to look at a three acre piece of land. I had no idea what to expect, but only had heard and spoke with the team about all the information about St. Kizito and the projects we were soon to be working on here in Kenya.

Speaking to the Buckner International board was incredible because they were so professional, and knew so much information about the orphanage, and gave us a brief history of Buckner. We met the official founder Wanjohi during the board meeting, that founded St. Kizito orphan support program. We also met Randy, who is the International Coordinator for Buckner, and he is the only one overseas. Randy’s area of interest is African Asia, East and West Africa. Seem of the things about Buckner that interested me the most was that it started in Dallas with 5 orphans, and 3 widows. Dr. Robert Cooke Buckner is the founder that started a seminary for African American people. Shoes for Orphan Souls began in 1998, which was originally named shoes for Russian souls because the man adopted a child from Russia. The most amazing part of Buckner is that two years ago they gave out their millionth shoe!!


After we left the meeting, we went to see the available piece of land we spoke about for St. Kizito. It was so beutiful, and had an amazing view. The board spoke about the logistics with Melanie, and we walked around the land a little to look at where it started and stopped and such.


After looking at the land, we headed to the St. Kizito Orphanage to visit the children, play with them, and watch each class perform the songs and dances they have been working on for our arrival. I almost have no words for the feeling of driving up to a place that we have been talking about for months, raising money for, looking at pictures of, and starting a shoe project that began a donation of 125 shoes from Buckner, but it was emotional. The children were beyond excited, they ran to the fence, and knew we were coming to visit. They were so sweet, just wanted to hugged, held, and looked like they worked so hard for their performances. I know that this is such a low income orphanage, these children aren’t able to eat much, but yet, these teachers had hot tea and snacks ready for us when we arrived. My first day in Kenya has definitely been irreplaceable, and was filled with the sweetest people with the kindest hearts.




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