Off to Kenya

This past week has been busy with finishing finals, moving back to Fort Worth for the Summer, and packing to go to Nairobi, Kenya for 2 weeks with the Women’s Leadership Team, but we are off and on our way to Kenya! Our team is flying to Dubai for our layover flight and then landing in Kenya. I cant believe we are actually heading to Kenya now, and feel so blessed to have such a great opportunity.

It is now 7:50am because of the time change, we are 52 minutes from Dubai, and I am getting excited to get there. I am go ready to get off this plane for a little bit and then travel the rest of the way to Kenya. I think we are al exhausted from the plane ride but it won’t even matter once we get there.

We made it to The Dubai airport, got snacks, and are sitting for about 30 minutes before we get on our next plane to Kenya!

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