Singing hymns in country church

Yesterday we visited Searsville Baptist Church as the Women’s Leadership Team. Betsy came with us and we attended the adult Sunday School before service started. It was so nice to visit this church, and took only about 45 minutes to get there. Here is a picture of the original portion of the Searville church building: (these are all iPhone photos I forgot my camera)

After service the paster prayed us in, allowed Melanie to begin speaking about our teams mission to Kenya, and the appreciation for the church’s support of St. Kizito Orphanage. Melanie did such a wonderful job speaking, and I just look up to her because she is such a wonderful person through everything she can do. Here is a photo of our team leader Melanie speaking:

After Melanie completed her speech, she allowed us to come up, and explain each of our jobs and projects to the church. I explained the Shoes for Souls project I have been working on to bring 125 pairs of shoes to St. Kizitos. I have never spoke in front of people like that, and was nervous, but I am so glad I had that opportunity. They were so happy to hear my story, and offered us anymore supplies we need for the mission trip. The people I met at Searsville Baptist Church were so sweet.

Our team got shown around, and taught about the church after we spoke. They even took us inside the original part of the church that they added onto. (this is the inside of the first picture of the post-the white church) We had our service in past that was recently added on.

The people were so sweet, and nice to us. However, it got more interesting because when we left the church Melanie got a flat tire. Meagan and myself were behind her in another car, and noticed it was getting flat. Luckily she was able to pull over after getting over the bridge for Lake Waco (it just had to happen on the bridge lol!). But, we had three men stop to help us and change the tire. They were so polite. It turned out that they had taken a woman to Searsville earlier that morning because she had run out of gas. Small world…. Melanie spoke with them about where they were from, and where they went to school. I told them about Kenya, and showed them our Facebook page all from my iPhone on the side of the road. We became Facebook friends and I sent them all the link to our Kenya Facebook page (talk about social networking!).Then, the pastor ended up driving by on his way home. He stopped to make sure we were ok, and headed back home. I took pictures from the beginning to end and it made for a funny story. We ended up making it to Chuy’s for lunch in the end. It ended up being a pretty good day, and we met wonderful people at Searsville!

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