Shoes for Souls

On Saturday, April 14th I traveled to Mesquite, Texas to pick up 125 pairs of shoes from Buckner International. Our Womens Leadership Team is taking the shoes with our luggage when we travel to Kenya on May 13, 2012. Our team is composed of 6 students (including myself; I still cannot believe it!), and our team leader (Melanie). We are traveling through the Spiritual Life Center of Baylor as the Women’s Leadership Team to Nairobi, Kenya. Our team is going to teach leadership skills to women working in businesses, orphanages, and schools.

One of the places we are visiting is the St. Kizito Learning Center Orphanage. This center is over-filled with children that walk long distances to and from school every day. The Women’s Leadership Team of 2011 visited St. Kizito and realized the need of land, and more room for the children. I have only seen pictures, and will be traveling to the orphanage in May with my team members. The 2011 team started the beginning of our work with this orphanage.

I wanted to start a shoe project to bring shoes to the children and teachers of the St. Kizito school. I knew this was a big idea, but I started making phone calls, and praying that it all worked out for a donation. Melanie assisted with communication to St. Kizito for shoes sizes. However, when the process of the application, counting shoes sizes, and sending in paperwork was done our team was on the way to receiving shoes!! We were so excited that we were receiving shoes to bring to these wonderful children. It was such an amazing experience to meet and visit Buckner International, and I am so thankful for the ability to go pick up the shoes.

Here is a picture moving the boxes!

Taking a picture with Alex from Buckner!

You can follow our Women’s Leadership Team journey on Facebook also.

2 thoughts on “Shoes for Souls

  1. This is amazing! I love the fact that you and your team will be giving shoes to those in need of them; something many of us take for granted! I wish you all the success of your adventure next month.

    1. We do take simple things like shoes for granted, and I felt like the St. Kizitos children are in such need thats why I wanted to bring that shoe donation! Thank you Rebecca! I appreciate you support, and will be blogging the entire adventure!

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