Update: Gateway Liveblogging

My last blog post showed the sermon before two weeks before Easter. I went home over Easter break, and attended the Easter sermon at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. This sermon had many points similar to the previous sermon I visited, except better because it was the actual “Invite your Peeps” Sunday weekend! 🙂 I went with my mom and it was a nice service (except for the crazy thunderstorm right when we got out? I had no idea where that came from?), and everyone was soaked waiting to get into their cars or running to them. It made for an interesting Easter Sunday.

The coolest thing that happened while in church when Paster Robert Morris started speaking was when he mentioned to get out our bibles out. However, that morning I had brought my iPad to church with me because I have a Bible app on it. But, when Pastor Morris mentioned to get them out he mentioned, “or your smartphones, iPhones, or device that has the bible app,” “Just no tweeting right now (while he was laughing).” I thought this was so funny because I was planning on using my Bible app, and he was supporting using social devices in church! What made it even better was the ability to take notes by typing, and there was a good message.

I took a picture with my phone while the sermon was going on for a feel of the Easter sermon. I thought I wanted a photo of the singing at the beginning, but I enjoy the pastor at my home church the most. He is a good speaker, and it is nice to go whenever I am back home.


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