Gateway Liveblogging

I was in Fort Worth this past weekend, and chose to do my liveblogging while I was at home. This Live-blog post will be on the 9:00 service of Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. I have gone to this church for a couple years and enjoy it. This church has various locations, and my family enjoys going.

9:20 -Worshipping music. The music has multiple singers, a band, lights, and is really enjoyable.

9:22 -“I got the answer” live singing with children flash mob dancing in the background

9:27 -“Have you ever wondered?” video

9:28 -Easter themed “Invite your Peeps” video explaining to bring family and friends (or peeps!) to Easter service.

9:29 -Pastor Morris begins speaking about Easter weekend. Gives the website Beginning a new series today.

9:32 -New series is called Words Life or Death and is an 8 week series. Based on a book Pastor Morris wrote. Today based on Proverbs 18, and The Value of Words (Proverbs 18:20).

9:35 -Have ability to agree with life or death, and get our words to line up with God.

9:36 -This canyon isn’t so grand explanation and story. Pastor Morris’ true story that he made up.

9:39 -Giving the message of life and death in the power of the tongue. If we are not careful when we listen or where we use our words we can not explore anything else. Often times people only explore one area in there lifetime. “There is a truth here that your mouth is agreeing with God’s words or following Satan plans. (Morris)”

9:40 -1. Words connect us to God. John 1:1, John 1:14, Psalm 107:20

9:43 -Matthew 12:31. Blasphemy means evil speaking in this verse. Keep reading to verse 33. Tree means heart, and fruit means mouth. Reading to verse 37 expounds on grace. Reading 31-37 shows profound verses.

9:48 -These verses show that Jesus teaches why people are speaking this way, committing unparticiple sins, and why their hearts are becoming hard.

9:49 -The title of this message is The Value of Words. Explanation of God taking account of every word said.

9:51 -2. Words connect us to each other. Proverbs 18 (Proverbs 18:22).

9:53 -Stop speaking death over marriage, finances, kids.

9:54 -Proverbs 21. Her husband is respected and she made him a man of God.

9:56 -Words are bridges. Rebuilding relationships with people that were broken from words is difficult.

9:57 -Words to know: I was wrong will you forgive me?

9:59 -Closing eyes at the current time to learn from the message. Prayer time at the end of the service with areas of life. After a prayer there will be a worship song.

10:01 -“I am all he says I am” worshipping

10:04 -Closing Prayer

This live-blog covered the 9:00 service. I blogged the entire service, and hope for the information to be interesting. The Pastor is funny and a great speaker, but it is hard to include a sermon like his into a blog post.

2 thoughts on “Gateway Liveblogging

  1. Great live blog! I like how you explained the verses and their significance to the pastor’s message. It really helped your readers understand what was going on at the event and understand the point of the sermon.

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