Barbie & Ken Part 2

I appreciate the reading and comments to the last Barbie post. I would like to follow up and include more information to answer questions that you had. Ken’s public breakup with Barbie is a deforestation campaign directed toward the company Mattel. I have researched and found more information and videos about this particular campaign that explain what happened after the public breakup, and feel this information is helpful.

Mattel is one of our worlds largest toy companies, although it has been caught in a Greenpeace deforestation campaign because of the Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) packaging of Barbies from Indonesia. This paper packaging company is known for destroying the Indonesian rain forests. Greenpeace presented a banner to Mattel with a picture of Ken and created a video interviewing Ken in the Summer of 2011 to kick off this campaign:

There was multiple usages with digital media to present the information of this campaign including Youtube videos, Twitter posts, and over 500,000 emails to Mattel. After the interview of Ken, the traumatic public breakup of Barbie and Ken followed on Youtube as well:

This video showed the connection with paper packaging and Indonesian rain forests. The strong response from people everywhere was brought directly to Mattel’s attention. The company recognized that they must keep deforestation paper out of their products, while also making new commitments to avoid wood fiber from controversial sources.

The deforestation campaign led to other companies including Nestlé and Carrefour to analyze and take action of their own companies stand on these issues. This is good news for the rainforest and habitat of the Sumatran tiger but, bad news for APP because they are losing a customer. Greenpeace activists exposed APP because of the importance of the Indonesian rain forests and endangered animals effected from their green washed image and destroying of rain forests. Greenpeace is working to stop deforestation for paper products in Indonesian rain forests.


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