Barbie & Ken

PSA research has shown some interesting topics from research that I am interested in, but I am not set on a topic quite yet for my assignment. However, while doing some research on PSA’s for Writing in the Digital Age I came across this Barbie and Ken controversial PSA. I was searching multiple topics of PSA’s and choosing a video PSA for the homework assignment that was turned in. This video was longer than a normal 60 second PSA, but included an advertisement, vocals of multiple people, music, noises, text, and separate locations. This video was good, but also caught my attention because it was life size Barbie and Ken. I used it for my homework assignment, but I enjoyed it and thought I would share it on here as well. This is also because it was a drastic way of digital communication, and got many viewers attention. It has a good storyline, and use of characters with the message tied into it. Barbie and Ken definitely got my attention because what girl didn’t have millions of barbies when they were little? However, this doesn’t seem to be the good side to Barbie.

2 thoughts on “Barbie & Ken

  1. That was a good video. I was a big Barbie fan when I was a child, but the packaging was something I never even thought about. All I wanted was to play with my Barbie. The video definitely achieved its aim, but unfortunately put Barbie a bad light. I wonder if this will have an effect on sales?

    1. I know I was a big Barbie and Ken fan too! I never thought about packaging for items and making a public service announcement like this until recently doing some research about it. I am currently wondering the same question!

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