Digital Media v.s. Print?

My research paper originally interested me of the subject in Digital Marketing. I researched this subject for a couple days and found so much information, but couldn’t get it into an exact area of Digital Marketing that I wanted. However, I started to come across information on Digital Media, looked up print as well, and of course thought about the environmental aspect of each.This is where I found my information on the effects of digital media and print without an argument, but using the research at hand. Therefore, I wrote my research paper on digital media versus print environmentally. Digital media is basically any type of digital device like a laptop, iPod, phone, mp3 player, and electronics. Print includes magazines, books, newspapers, and anything printed.

I found these topics interesting because they are spoken about often today, and there is a large shift to digital media. However, print is still largely used for newspapers, magazines, books, and more. This topic was difficult to write about because there is a lot of information and research that has been done on both the helpfulness of digital media in the society today, education, and more, but also the environmental impact it has had. I found that digital media has different impacts on our society because of the ease of reading anything on a digital device, but the creation and disposal is more of an environmental impact.

The research on print I noticed seemed slightly smaller. However, the information on using print included having it in your hand, but also different environmental impacts than digital media because it uses more trees and fossil fuels.

That is a small amount of what my research paper holds on digital media v.s. print. While writing this blog I found two photos of digital media and print that include some information on the topics and give some more explanations.

4 thoughts on “Digital Media v.s. Print?

  1. It has been interesting watching the shift from print to digital media. In mass communications we spent a lot of time discussing the slowing down of magazines and newspapers in print, because most people prefer to access the information online. I find online newspapers and mags a lot easier to navigate and less wasteful. I still like my books in print though. E-books just have a different feel.

    1. They are easier to navigate online, but sometimes it is nicer to have the hard copy in hand to show someone or use it as a print source. E-books have a different feel, but the ability to bring as many e-books around with you as you want is nice.

  2. I’m glad you were able to find a topic that combined a class topic with your interests! I think your topic is extremely relevant, especially with this shift to digital media. Regarding the environmental impacts of digital media, there are pros and cons. A lot of people think that going digital is more eco-friendly than print, but to manufacture the devices on which to view digital content also leaves a pretty heavy impact on the environment. Both have their pros and cons, but I don’t think that print media should die out just–print media has advantages of digital media as well, both in terms of environmental impact and consumer preferences.

    1. Me too it took some extra thinking and research to discover how to put them together. I had no idea there was already so much research on the topics together. I agree, both has its pros and cons, and I don’t think print should completely die out.

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