Cheating on Facebook with Twitter?

I recently opened my Twitter account for class and was surprised to find out it was easy to maneuver and I enjoyed using it. However, I realized I was able to follow more professional companies and people I am interested in keeping up with. I slowly am realizing that I enjoy using Twitter because I think I can use it somewhat professionally, but heard a friend the other day say “I am sorry I haven’t responded I might cheating on Facebook with Twitter!” This made me laugh. Then I started to compare the differences of the two, and where people might use them.

I found this graphic that has some really interesting information on the gender, income, age, education, and login status of Facebook and Twitter users. I thought it was interesting to see the percentage of users that use social media that are inside and outside of the United States. What is your opinion on Facebook and Twitter? Do you use one more than the other?

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