91 days until Kenya 🙂

My family and I looked many places and chose Moritz Kia to purchase my car. Moritz Kia was such a nice atmosphere and I wasn’t expecting such an upscale atmosphere. The employees were well educated about the cars and polite while my family when I was looking around. We test drove multiple cars until we found one we liked best from the new car department. Thanks to the salesperson I didn’t have to remember all the features that came with each model. I love my new car and get many compliments on it all the time!

When I began on my journey for my second mission trip with Baylor Global Missions I had no idea how I was going to fund it. However, I had been praying about this and knew I was meant to go and be a part of the Kenya Womens’ Leadership Team. I wrote letters to family and friends explaining the mission trip with as much information as I could. I went home for a weekend to start talking to friends about the mission and the need for donations for the team and myself.

I visited Moritz Kia where I purchased my last car, and met with Paul Mainer the General Manager. Paul Mainer allowed time for me to explain our mission for Nairobi, Kenya and St. Kizitos. He was excited for our team, and our upcoming trip in May. Paul Mainer asked many questions and was interested to learn more about the work we were going to be doing in Kenya. I am so grateful for Moritz Kia’s donation and their generosity in providing me with this opportunity.

Asante Sana!

Here is a cute photo from the 2011 Kenya Womens’ Leadership Team!

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