Digital Writing

This past week when our class asked questions and spoke to each other about why digital media was important in the classroom was a topic I felt that should be discussed more in depth. I think digital media is important in the classroom because it is a way for students to interact with the information they are learning in a visual way. However, I also think that the digital media can be abused or not used efficiently while working during class. Students need instruction to learn the new and upcoming programs to learn and digitally write. Each computer program is different, and some design and writing programs are getting more complicated. This requires more training from teachers and professors to offer help to students in class. Computer programs for projects are helpful and show a creative and visual way of the information learned in class for each individual student.

Recently surfing the internet about digital writing I found an article about the iPad 2. It was interesting to explain the benefits and new practices that schools are using to incorporate technology and the iPad because it is easy for students to use that are different ages.


3 thoughts on “Digital Writing

  1. The article about the iPad in schools was really interesting! I’m always curious as to how educators balance the use of technology for learning a concept vs using the technology just because it’s available.

  2. I agree that digital writing can be explore in much more detail. That’s why we’re spending an entire semester on it! And even then, there’s much more to be said and learned. I look forward to the day when we not only have computers in our classrooms, but we also have iPads so that we can take advantage of these new technologies and become critical users of them.

  3. Great post, and great article! I’ve also seen gadgets like tablets as something required for schools now – some medical schools require the purchase of a tablet PC or iPad so that they can download graphics used in the lectures and make their own notes on the graphics. Additionally, Baylor Law School administers their exams using a type of software, which students need to download. It’s really cool how educational practices are incorporating digital media – however, I think it also has its disadvantages. In the case of requiring tablets, it’s something costly, and it can be difficult on students who don’t have the funds to purchase one. For law students who have computers that use OS’s that aren’t compatible with the software, that poses some inconveniences as well.

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