Blog beginnings

My name is Lauren. This blog is going to be for the English course I am enrolled in called Writing in a Digital Age. This course is allowing me to open a blog as a portion of my class assignments. I took this course because I am interested in writing for digital media on new and upcoming technology for the future. I enjoy writing an array of topics, but mostly environmental and lifestyle topics that are of great interest to me. I am also interested in being active, crafting, painting, and of course writing.

Recently we have discussed the blogito chapter in our book, Writing For Digital Media. This chapter had very interesting points on blogging and trends with digital media in general. One point that I remember was how blogging has caught on in the writing form and journalistic form. I hope to learn more about writing in different forms, and how it affects our digital media as writers vs. journalists. Blogging atleast once a week for class will give me a chance to talk about what I am studying. However, it will also let me use this space for pictures, videos, news, and any lifestyle pieces that are fun to write about.

One thought on “Blog beginnings

  1. Hey Lauren! I, too, thought that the Blogito, Ergo Sum chapter in our WDM book was really interesting, especially because when I did my weblog analysis, I found a professional news blog, and I saw the similarities and differences of news blogging and traditional journalism. I think I saw more similarities to traditional journalism; the blog had a standard journalism staff with editors and writers, so the information went through a filter, and the stories were much more objective, compared to other blogs that have a personal voice and are more opinionated. Here’s the blog link if you want to take a look:

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